Video Games - Positive or Negative

Digi M

New member
A video game player is not just playing another game, its like they are experiencing the life at risk moments when they are into the game. Usually parents don't realize the passion the game players carry, they feel it's a waste of time, but is that really true?
Research says that playing video games can actually benefit the development of personality. The real world experience which is hard to be taught is brought to the desk with video game experience.
We spend huge bucks on personality development courses, we spend a lot on holiday, trekking, camping and other outdoor activities, but they are not feasible all time of the year. Also it accounts for huge investment, which means drilling hole in our pockets. There is no doubt that these activities are very much required for our physical health, but we can also improve our mental health and sharpness by gaming. Gaming teaches us how to be competitive in the real world. It teaches us how to take failures with a pinch of salt. These are heavy life lessons which can take a lifetime to learn and no one person can teach us. We are getting so much knowledge by just sitting on our couch. With paired gaming we tend to learn team spirit and collaboration which are all leadership and management lessons.
So to conclude playing video games isn't such a bad thing as thought by our elder generation. It is mainly a shift of perspective.