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Desktop Crashing? Unable to connect to a server? Loss of cognitive control when you replay a game furiously over and over again? For all your needs, look no further than the troubleshooting chapter.
This Forum is dedicated to seeking solutions to those issues that take a bite out of your gaming time and alleviate your tension.

All the information here comes from other players who care as much about being able to play as you do and are committed to being a one-stop shop for seeking solutions to established issues or talking about problems you are having. There are a few key points that will help make it easier to use this room for that purpose:

1. Share Your Settings & Specs
If you're running into difficulties then the first thing folk would ask you for is your rigs specs and what graphical settings you have the game on unless it's well documented. This helps to figure out whether there is a common problem with the game you're running and your hardware. It's time-saving, believe me!
2. Be correct about the issue
If a game crash happens in a strategy game only after turn 30, it is worth sharing that detail, the more accurate you can be about the nature of the problem, the easier it is to solve.
3. With what provider are you?
For those occasions when you regularly withdraw from online games, this just really matters. There are always correlations between the time you play and the issues, and understanding who looks after your internet will really help identify whether that's the problem.
4. Know that We All Are Human
There are no assurances that a solution discovered by one person would also function for you or that there is a proven solution to your problem. It can be stressful, but everyone who responds tries to help.
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