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The opportunity to gain Bucks, which can be exchanged for cool prizes such as a free copy of PSN or Xbox Live Gold Cards, a brand new Xbox One or PlayStation 4 console, or other video games, is one of the exciting advantages we can give our members. Here's how it operates:
You gain Bucks by being involved on our forum. Bucks values are organized for tasks as follows:

How to earn Bucks here:-
1- Posting a new Thread 5 bucks ( Minimum 200 Character to earn the bucks ).
2- Posting a new Post (Reply) 2 Bucks. ( Minimum 150 Character to earn the bucks ).
3- Upon registration 5 bucks.
4- Change your avatar 3 Bucks.
5- Report a spam post 1 Buck.
6- Getting a referral 15 Bucks ( Referral must add 25 posts so you can earn the Bucks ).
7- Participate in Referral Contests to win a lot of Bucks.
8- More to come!

The idea behind these Point values is to inspire forum members to start to make them as interactive as possible with new topics. Active threads that are persuasive for users keep the community active and alive, and we want to reward users for producing high-quality, engaging, insightful threads.
With the exception of Forum General chat and Introduction and marketplace, participants will earn Points in all forums as these posts clearly do not generate as much value as posts in more important sections.

Note: Members will earn points for the first 3 Threads and first 3 posts every Hour.
Although we encourage you to create as many quality posts as you can, the word quality must be stressed. To try and win points please do not participate in spam conduct. Spam posting is against our guidelines and according to our Moderating Guidelines, can result in consequences. Indeed, if there are frequent or serious violations, we will withhold Points from users that participate in spam conduct, send out alerts, and can even suspend user accounts.

Responsibly use the Points system and you can help us make this forum a fun and enjoyable place for all, and you have an opportunity to win a free game, console, or other amazing prize!
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